By 2014, half of users will be getting their news on their phones.

Start with a simple, useful app with less focus on local news and more on weather, traffic. MBTA, nightspots.


Pick few coverage areas and throw all resources behind them. Get routine coverage of meetings from other sources.

Potential concentrations that would encourage public participation: Watchdog (budgets, taxes, overrides, campaign spending, etc. ) and Transportation.


Change work flow on copy desk to free up more editors to concentrate on updating sites.


To succeed in a print legacy operation such as the Globe, we need:
Management support – let us experiment with innovation and experiments
Dedicated sales staff for local businesses
Convince print reporters this is the future and they should jump in now. Consider more regionalized stories and front-paging Drive, 128, etc. to free up more time for posting and social media


Pick a test site to experiment (Somerville); once we have figured out what works best, expand to nine other sites that have active blog and social media communities.

Figure out best way to automate the other 40 sites.  Stale content is our worst enemy;  Can we widget top two stories, sending fresh content 3 times a day?


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